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President, Board of Directors

"Acting locally to protect the health of people and the environment is what I have spent my life doing. Having lived in Kenya for a decade and spending time in Port Victoria I can’t think of a better place to work with the community to do some truly innovative things that can help people and the ecosystems they depend on."

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Treasurer, Board of Directors

“My goal is to continue the work I set out to do when I initially took a job with Calestous at Harvard Kennedy School: to harness the power of science for the betterment of all species. I believe that this planet has the human capital and environmental resources it needs to thrive; we just have a distribution and utilization problem. My work here aims to help Calestous’ home region claim its development potential.”

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Secretary, Board of Directors

"Serving on the CJLF Board is a full circle moment for me. After following his work for years, I met Calestous in December 2017 as one of the members of the last class he would teach at Harvard. He was a generous, and compassionate teacher, and his deep commitment to innovation and development radiated in the enthusiasm he showed until the very last class. Being able to translate his life's work to community development in his home, Port Victoria, is a great honor."

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Board of Directors

"Calestous Juma's legacy is in the human beings and institutions he developed to find solutions to pressing local and global societal challenges. I serve on the CJLF Board to help further that legacy."

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Board member

"For innovation to happen and flourish, people, land, education, technology, and environment must be at the centre. Environment and culture are paramount and that must always be taken into account in development projects. And the dynamic nature of technology means that innovation will accelerate this change."

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Board Member

"Calestous and I met in 1969 at Port Victoria Secondary School when he was a Form II student and I was a young Peace Corps teacher. From his humble beginnings, Calestous used his considerable intellectual gifts to champion innovation and sustainable development across the African continent. We honor his memory by continuing the work to which he devoted his life."